Hack Your Life Newsletter | Quotes to live by

Rethink your life.
Hack Your Life Newsletter | Quotes to live by

"A good quote gives you context within which you can think." -- Avinash Kaushik

I spent all of 2012 "hacking" my life. I set out to accomplish 50 different challenges, all set-up to force me out of my comfort zone. Why? Because not long before I came to realize that life, much like a software program, is a programmable system that's been developed by others. You're expected to live your life a certain way and that's it. But because it's programmable, it can be hacked. That is to say, you can stretch the limits of your day-to-day life as opposed to most people that just learn the minimum necessary and live a very limited life.

That's what this newsletter will do. We will learn to hack our lives through quotes by those who have lived their lives differently.
  • The quote will give use context within which we can think,
  • Then we'll work on a new challenge based on that quote so as to implement its lesson in your daily life,
  • Finally, with each quote will come a short description of the person who voiced it and a way to .

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